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John is an internationally known Massage Therapist and Instructor who travelled Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, England, Ireland, Hawaii and India teaching courses for the School of Natural Therapies.  

He specialises in a unique style of massage, bodywork and breath work that helps restore balance to the body by finding tension and releasing it and unblocking the energy pathways known as meridians.  Your massage will be different every time as it will be tailored to your particular condition and needs on the day.

This style of massage is particularly helpful in treating many of the problems suffered by sportspeople and tradesmen.

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Massaged 1st and 3rd triathlete winners in the Mooloolaba Triathlon 2017 (as pictured here)

John was also the massage therapist for the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles Rugby League teams

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*  Assists in healing of injuries

*  Reduces stress and fatigue

*  Improves circulation

*  Speeds up recovery time

*  Benefits the circulatory, digestive and

        lymphatic systems

*  Loosens tight joints - with particular

       benefit to the feet, ankles, knees,

       hips, back, shoulders and neck

*  Aids headache and migraine sufferers

       improves flexibility and range of


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SPORTS MASSAGE - For pre and post for your best performance and recovery to reduce inflamation and quicker recovery.  Recommended before and after an event.  My clients from the Noosa and Mooloolaba triathlons have found it to be very helpful.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE - Helps with mild to severe joint and muscular pain.  It is more gentle than deep tissue.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE - Massage first trimester and second trimester right up to third trimester.  I can help with lower back, leg, shoulder and neck pain.  It is relaxing as well as helping with pain during your pregnancy.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - Deep tissue helps with deep seated pain in the deeper muscles in legs, arms and back.


REFLEXOLOGY - Reflexology works on the thousand nerve endings in your feet.  It is a great way to stimulate the feet and works on all the other joints and muscles throughout the body by relieving the points in the feet.

RELAXATION MASSAGE - a gentle, quiet and soul refreshing massage to help ease the mind.  This is a combination of Hawaiin and Swedish massage.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - Good for all inflamation in our body.  Can reduce swelling in ankles and joints as well as relieve toxin build up in the body.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - Uses quality oils to treat many of today's stressful situations and rejuvenate the mind in a tranquil and gentle massage and (if you prefer) it can be used in combination with remedial massage and deep tissue.

Sports massage on leg


Duration                                       Price

30 Min                                          $60

45 Min                                          $75

1 Hours                                        $95

1.5 Hours                                   $130

Home: Services
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For more information about John Ryan Centre for Sports & Remedial Massage - don’t hesitate to contact us!

CQ Chiropractic, 6 Barry St, Gladstone QLD, Australia

Phone (07)4978 5100 and ask to book massage with John

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